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My wife reminds me daily about how I have to improve my communication, including listening skills. Obviously this made me think about business. We all know how important communication is with our customers and our staff. Communication is especially i ... more

I heard a speaker talking about Project Management once upon a time. He addressed the primary concerns when managing any project - computer upgrades, a new building, launching a new product or improving customer service. The key considerations he was prop ... more

On my day off, my wife always has a list for me. This is her way of feeling good and my way of making sure I do everything and I don't get in trouble for doing something I'm not supposed to! :) I would say that a pretty good way to stay in good communicat ... more

In business you have all kinds of options. Ask a question and many options immediately present themselves, for example: You can increase or decrease prices. You can increase or decrease expenses. You can increase or decrease your services. You can increa ... more

We think "acting on opportunities" is THE key to successfully growing a business. You would not be where you are if you failed to act on past opportunities. Some worked out, and some didn't. But an entrepreneur continually watches for and acts when opport ... more

So, I'll bet you thought these trade dollars were just made up. Not at ITEX!  When a trade exchange starts there is no currency in the system. Transactions begin when a credit line (a trade dollar loan) is extended to a member to purchase something ... more

On my day off, my wife always has a list for me. This is her way of feeling good and my way of making sure I do everything and I don't get in trouble for doing something I'm not supposed to. Lesson #1 - "To do" lists are the best thing ever invented. The ... more

So.....why does Hallmark Cards make money-selling greeting cards? It's a great question to think about it..isn't it? I think it's largely because they allow each of us to show extra appreciation and support to those around us. So...what does this have t ... more

Isn't that what we all want? More cash business!  Trading through ITEX can accomplish this in a number of ways. Review these ideas to see what you can do. Come up with some of your own! ..........Good word of mouth grows business.  Treat a c ... more

Have you thought about "Paying Bills" with ITEX dollars? Cash flow is pretty tight for a lot of companies today. This might delay payment of bills for some past purchase or delay some much needed services on a building, or delayed buying advertising, or. ... more

Does any business owe you money that you are having a hard time collecting? Most business owners are challenged with buyers that are seemingly good payers but now and then get behind in paying your invoices. More seriously they can go out of business or ... more

Many of our members tell us that they only want to use ITEX dollars for business expenses. Just a thought - your personal income IS a business expense. If you're going to take a vacation, or go to the dentist, or get work done at your home, you pay y ... more

  Why do you work? To build the business? And then what? You've got to get out of town! For your business travel, as an employee perk, or a family weekend away, ITEX travel is a great option for you. As the only true national barter network, ITEX t ... more

Do You Know A Guy?
"I need a widget.  "OK, I know a guy." Are you a resource when things need to get done?...  Are you the one to call for almost anything?....  Most small business owners know what to do because you network with other small business owners. ... more

Have you ever had a business emergency? It's usually caused by the weather - Suzie can't get to work, Jamie has a flat tire, the customer delivery didn't get in as promised. My wife has an Expressive personality so most of the time, "the sky is falling! ... more

"I can never get anything I want through ITEX."  "I can get exactly what I want every time through ITEX!"  Neither statement is actually true. Through the ITEX Marketplace over 23,000 members transact around $14 million every 4 weeks. There is a ... more

What have you done for me lately? Have you ever said or thought this?  Have you ever heard this?  I'm sure your employees have. It's that time of year when we've been hard at work for months and working toward having a good year. Meanwhile the ... more